We love online shopping: ordering items often at a discount, not having to brave the crowd in shopping malls, patiently waiting to receive your package … This is why we buy everything on the Amazon website: decoration, gifts, make-up, baby diapers… So we thought that it would be beneficial to know the little tips to make significant savings.

Do you want to save up to 50% on your purchases on the giant Amazon? Did you know that several tips can help you buy more while spending less money?

Most people use Amazon, but few know the tricks that pay – up to 50% – less on the total price of the purchase.

This is why I thought of giving you the best Amazon tips to buy more and spend less, either using an amazon promo code or using a few methods to redeem some money! In this article, you will discover tips to help you save on your subsequent purchases on Amazon.

But first :

What is Amazon? 


Amazon is a giant online retailer with a market capitalization as of June 2018 of over 268 billion $. In addition to being an online retailer, Amazon allows individuals and businesses to sell and display products for sale online. It is the world’s largest internet store by revenue.


Amazon is actually the most popular online marketplace used by both individuals as well as businesses, and the website is available in many different countries and languages, including the Middle East ( UAE and Saudi Arabia). It is the world’s most valuable internet retailer, overtaking Wal-Mart in 2015. It is also the fourth most valuable company globally, only on Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft. It has often taken a low-margin approach to new products in order to gain market share, and this strategy has worked surprisingly for Amazon, which has dominated many of the markets in which they participate. You can find anything and everything on Amazon!


1-How to save on purchases on Amazon?


Amazon promo code   As you know, coupons are widely used on online shopping websites, which is the case with Amazon. However, it is a bit difficult to find the codes that sometimes allow you to get 20% even 50% off on some product categories, and most of the time, the coupons are expired. 

So, where can I find reliable discount codes? It’s easy! Here is a regularly updated website offering Amazon discount codes Almowafir All you have to do is choose the amazon promo code, copy it and then use it before purchasing the items you. 

Amazon promo code 4cb6d771

Amazon promo code 4cb6d771


2. Search other local Amazon websites

Did you know that for the same product, each country offers a different price on Amazon!

Yes, you can save a lot of money by buying from Amazon Saudi Arabia instead of Amazon UAE for example. It may sound trivial, but this trick can cost up to $ 100 (depending on the product)! Precisely, the delivery will be much slower than if you place the order on the local Amazon website, but this, we can afford.

3. Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is a service you can subscribe to in order to enjoy free 1 business day delivery on any product regardless of price.

This service is chargeable and can be shared with 2 family members, there is a free 30-day evaluation period and then the subscription is 49 per year.

This benefit is very adequate for regular Amazon buyers who can easily recoup their subscription cost by purchasing multiple products.

4. Add to cart but don’t buy right away

When a product interests you, add it to your cart and move on. Amazon, noting that you have not placed an order, will send you an email to encourage you to finalize your purchase. They can also send you special discounts, dedicated to people who have abandoned their cart.

5. Earn money if your friends or relatives buy from Amazon

Amazon offers an affiliate program. You can become an affiliate and provide links to Amazon products. If someone uses your link and purchases a product, you receive a commission. Useful if you have a website or if you share tips with your friends.

6. The colors of the products

You may not have noticed it, but items that are available in multiple colors sometimes have a different price depending on the color.

If you don’t care about the color of the item, sometimes you can save up to 50%.

7. Get a refund if the price of the product changes

Amazon regularly changes the prices of its products, and if the price of something you have purchased changes, you are entitled to a refund of the difference.

Just send them an email explaining the situation. But this only applies to items sold and shipped by Amazon.

8. Sales and “flash” offers

Whether it’s the new year or women’s day, Amazon offers incredible sales that can range from 10% to 70% depending on the product.

All categories are concerned, the American giant offers sales on high-tech, fashion, well-being, multimedia, culture and leisure products .

Regarding the “flash” offers offered by Amazon, the latter offers products with a limited stock with discounts that can go up to 80% ! So you absolutely don’t want to miss sales period for it is the best time of the year to do shopping for less. You can still use amazon promo code even on discounted products.

9. Save 1 month on Amazon Prime if your package is late 

If you go through Amazon Prime, but you don’t receive your package within 2 days, contact Amazon customer service. Usually they give you a month for free. It happened to me once. This shows how professional the website is and how much they care for their customer’s shopping experience.

Now that I gave you tips and tricks to shop for less on Amazon, what are you waiting for ?

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