Diu is a small town in the union territory of Daman and Diu. It is ocated near the Indian state of Gujrat. Though the town encompasses many beautiful beaches, fortresses and other places of tourist interests, tourism here hasn’t developed as much as other Indian towns and cities with beaches. So, you can explore its beaches at leisure without being mobbed by tourists.

Best Beaches In Diu – Diu Beach

Beautiful Beaches in Daman and Diu

The beaches here are still untouched and unexplored. If you are planning to visit this tranquil place then do visit some of its famous beaches to make the most of the trip. Famous beaches in Diu have been listed below.

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Nagoa Beach

Located in Diu’s Bucharwada village, Nagoa Beach is known for its crystal clear water and clean sand. The beach is in the shape of a horse-shoe. It is around 20 minutes drive from Diu city.

This makes it one of the best beaches to enjoy swimming. You can also go for a boat ride in the clear sea water. Many adventure sports such as sailing and water skiing can also be enjoyed here. The beauty of this marvellous beach is enhanced by the row of palm trees that grow along its side.

Nagoa Beach Diu

The African origin, Hoka and Rukhada trees also grow here. Those who do not like indulging in adventure sports can lie down on the beach to enjoy the cool breeze that flows here due to the swaying of palms.

Many luxury hotels and resorts are located near this beach. They offer scenic view of the sea to make your holiday all the more enjoyable. The Church of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Paul’s Church are located nearby.

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Jallandhar Beach

Jallandhar beach, located on south-east of Diu island, has a mythological story attached to it. This beach has been named after the demon, Jalllandhar who created a havoc and frightened innocent people with his misdeeds.

He was ultimately killed by Lord Krishna. You will see a unique stoned carved face on a hillock located at this beach. It is said to be the face of demon, Jallandhar.

Jallandhar Beach Diu

The Jallandhar shrine has been built on the hillock. This shrine attracts many tourists. Temple of Goddess Chandrika is also located nearby.

It is one of the best beaches to enjoy some quiet time in the lap of nature. You can sit here and meditate as the cool tides come and bless you. It is best to book a room at a beach resort located on the Jallandhar beach to enjoy the beauty of this place. It is just about a kilometer away from the Diu town.

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Chakratirth Beach

Chakratirth beach is one of the main tourist spots in Diu. It is one of the reasons this unexplored land is gaining popularity. This beautiful beach also gets its name from the Krishna-Jallandhar tale. It is said that Lord Krishna used his chakra to kill demon, Jallandhar.

A small temple of Lord Krishna is located near the chakratirth beach. It has the foot prints of Krishna carved on a stone. A temple of Lord Shiva is also located here.

Chakratirth Beach Diu

Bhanslo, a small hillock is situated near the beach. It is more accessible during low tide. Tourists love to climb up this hillock and sit there to enjoy the mesmerising beauty of the sea.

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The beach is located in the heart of Diu and is easy to reach. It is a famous hangout zone for the tourists and locals alike. The beach also offers an amazing view of the sunset. It is famous for its Sunset Point.

Gomtimata Beach

Located on the west side of Diu, this beach witnesses several tourists flocking around. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town, this beach offers a place to sit and relax. It is known for its cool blue water and clean, white sand.

Gomatimata Beach Diu

It is a great place to spend the day with family and friends. The beach sees high tides and is thus not ideal for swimming. It is best for those of you who want to laze around and soak in the sun, enjoying the beauty of the roaring tides by the side.

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Ghoghla Beach

The largest beach in Diu, Ghoghla is loved for its golden sand. It is located in the Ghoghla village that lies in the north of Diu town. You can walk around at leisure on the beach side as the gentle waves touch your feet. Adventure sports such as parasailing and surfing pull large number of tourists to Ghoghla.

Ghoghla Beach, Diu

Dolphins can also be spotted here. There are many beach resorts here that provide good food and accommodation. Do not forget to watch the sunrise if you stay on a beach resort here. The early morning sky and the site of the sunrise are simply mesmerising.

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Many good restaurants have also been opened nearby. They serve great food by the sea side thereby adding to the overall experience. This beach is also comparatively cleaner than the rest. Drinking is prohibited here and it thus makes for a good getaway for families.

Diu is slowly coming to limelight and this is mainly owing to its beaches. Tourists mostly prefer relaxing at the beach side for hours without being disturbed. This is not possible at places that pull huge crowd.

The beauty of Diu lies in the fact that its beaches are still secluded and serene and offer a great chance to spend peaceful moments with your loved ones. If you are planning a beach holiday, I would certainly suggest a trip to the picturesque town of Diu!

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