Car theft is not a strange thing in today’s world. There are numerous reports around the world of cars being stolen and not being able to be traced. Fortunately, you can take measures to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. You should keep the following tips in mind to prevent your car from being stolen.



Lock your Doors

Since thieves have become savvy and brighter than before, it would be best if you take basic safety measures. Top on the list is locking your door. Don’t leave your car door open because you are dashing into the store for a few minutes and assume that the area is safe. Reports from the FBI and other security agencies have proven otherwise. Most stolen cars in Missouri and other parts of the world were easy to get into because the drivers got careless.

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With thieves getting smarter in today’s world, failing to lock your car door even for a few minutes or seconds can be detrimental. Even if the car is not stolen, you’ll make it easier for a kidnapper or other evil-minded individuals to get in your vehicle and have a field day with you when you return. Never leave the car unlocked, just like you shouldn’t leave your house unlocked. You should make it difficult for thieves or criminals to get away with their plans.

Close Windows Properly

Apart from locking the doors, make sure you lock the windows up. Always confirm that every window is closed correctly and that a thief won’t be able to manipulate the car door locks through a small window entrance. Remember that thieves are super determined to get the car and will thus work hard to ensure they have their way.



It is more challenging to do this if the doors and windows are correctly locked. Even if they attempt, there is a high chance that the car’s alarm will go off, alerting you and others around. This is enough to make a car thief abort their mission, especially if they have not adequately planned their scheme or failed to disable the car’s alarm system.


Remove the Car Key from the Ignition

Before locking the car, make sure you have removed the key from the ignition. Locked doors with car keys inside might give thieves motivation to escape. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) warns against this practice.

In the same manner, never leave the car running, thinking your store errand will be quick. You never know who is watching or targeting to steal your vehicle. Leaving the car running is the easiest way to steal and get moving because the car is ready to move. Sometimes vehicles have been recovered after being stolen because the thief was still fumbling with the ignition and trying to get the car started. Never make it easy for the thief to achieve their goals.

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Avoid Leaving the Spare Car Keys Near the Vehicle



National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends finding a different place to store your spare keys in emergencies or when you accidentally lock your car keys in the vehicle. Please don’t make it too apparent for car thieves because they know where to look. If possible, carry your spare key with you rather than leaving it in the vehicle. The point is to make it so difficult for a thief to find the keys so that they don’t drive your car as easily.

Park Properly

Parking plays a role in enhancing your car’s safety. Avoid dark spots as these make your car easy targets to thieves. You should go for well-lit spaces, especially when parking at night or during dark days. Additionally, parking in areas with enough traffic makes the car visible to everyone. This is a form of security since it prevents any thieves from getting to the car. Passersby will note suspicious behavior and most likely alert the authority. Thieves will also be deterred from their mission if they realize that the car is visible and that they can be identified.

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Invest in Anti-theft Devices

Car alarm systems and anti-theft devices have saved a lot of car owners from losing their vehicles. These devices alert the owners in time, allowing them to take action and save their vehicles. Choose the right alarm system. It has to be audible enough for everyone to sense something is off. Purchase the right alarm and have your mechanic expertly install it. Remember, improper installation will defeat the purpose.

Besides the alarm system, you can also explore other anti-theft devices to protect the car even when the thief is successfully forcefully entering the car or bypassing all other basic security measures. You could install a steering wheel lock which you activate once you notice that someone has stolen your vehicle. You could also consider immobilizer systems.



Some of the popular systems include smart keys and wireless ignition authentication. This is the next-level protection that every valuable car deserves. Even when the thief manages to get into the car, it will still be futile because they cannot get anywhere with it since they have no way of bypassing such checks. They may abandon the car and get away before getting arrested for attempting to steal the vehicle.

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Remove Valuable from the Car

Sometimes car thieves are not really after your vehicle but what is in it. Unless they have tracked you from the word go, or know something personally, most of these car thieves will first check if there is something valuable they can get inside the car. Some steal and dump the car somewhere else once they get the items they want. Never leave any valuables in the car! If you must carry important documents or valuable items in your car, make sure they are also not very visible as they will likely attract unnecessary attention.

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Final Thoughts

Car theft may be rampant in some states more than others. However, it is still possible to prevent being a victim by sticking to the suggestions above. Take the necessary steps to protect your vehicle as much as you can.

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