Choosing a hairstyle can be challenging because of the many styles available. Women who like bob hairdos can wear them short or long, depending on their preference. If you want to get a dramatic look but don’t know the style to help you achieve that, worry no more.

This article has compiled the different short bob haircut styles every woman should try before the year ends. However, you should also consider your facial features and the hair texture before trying the style to get the best out of it.

Short Bob Styles That Suit Fine Hair

People with fine hair struggle with hairstyles because the hair is challenging to hold a style. However, cutting it into a shorter bob haircut can be a great solution. The wearer gets more volume because of the thicker strands, and the facial features are flattered more.

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However, you need hair products to hold the strands in one place. Ask your stylist about the best products that add shine to the hair. Some of the short bob styles to try are;

  • Layered Short Bob

Layered hairstyles never go wrong. First, they add volume to the hair and lift the roots creating some movement in style. You can also increase the volume by using volume increasing products and gel to keep the hairstyle in position.

  • Short Inverted Bob

If you want a different hairstyle from the regular bob haircut, you can try an inverted bob. The stylist achieves this style by making the front strands longer and the back ones shorter. Therefore, the wearer must be willing to cut some hair to achieve this style. Also, inverted bobs have different ways of styling, and you can get a suitable one for your face shape.

  • Short Messy Bob
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Messy hair doesn’t mean you are less groomed. Short messy bobs have been trending, and they are a perfect way to add volume to your hair. However, get a hairstylist who is good at their job if you want to get the best out. Also, ensure you select the best products to maximize your volume and keep your strands in position.

Short Bob Haircut For Curly Hair

People with curly hair also face the challenge of choosing a hairstyle because of the nature of the strands. However, you can get short bob haircut styles suitable for your curly strands and some that will make you look stunning. Before going for your next salon visit, try these styles.

  • Short Choppy Bob
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Adding choppy layers to your curly strands is a perfect way to style your hair. It increases volume and texture to the hair and makes the wearer more beautiful. However, if you don’t have natural curls, avoid using a lot of heat on your hair, like a blow dryer. When using a blow dry, apply a heat protectant to protect your hair from heat damage.

  • Short Curly Bob

A short curly bob will bring out all your facial features while adding layers and texture to your hair. It also gives your hair a flattering shape and makes your curls more pronounceable. Use curling creams to keep the artificial curls in place throughout the day.

  • Short Asymmetrical Bob
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You can make your hairstyle stunning and unique by creating an asymmetrical shape. When the bob is uneven, it creates an illusion of longer hair, which most women want. Besides, this hairdo highlights your jawline and face shape, making you look more elegant.



Short Bob Hairdo For Straight Hair

  • Short Blunt Bob

If you have short straight hair, start by trying the short blunt bob. It is easy to achieve, and the style and the hairstyle look good on anyone. You can enhance the features by adding some bangs—research more ways to style your blunt bob haircut.

  • Short Pixie Bob
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If you are willing to cut your hair shorter, the short pixie hairstyle should be one to try. It is easy to achieve and flatters most face shapes. However, if you add undercuts and fades, get an experienced stylist.

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