Best DJ Mixer Software

The job of a DJ is more than just putting songs together and playing them. There is an exact art involved with the careful layering of sounds, and a demand for creativity when videos and images are to be included in the mixes.

A DJ mixer software arms the disk jockey with what he needs to put on a good show. To do an awesome job with your mixing, here are some of the best music software you can use:

DJ Mixer Software

10 Best DJ Mixer Software:

Here is the Top 10 List of DJ Mixer Software that will make your music more enjoyable.

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10. ClubDJPro:

From ClubDJPro comes VJ6, the most responsive and performance driven video mixer software in the market.

Take your DJ mixes to the next level by adding videos, texts, images, karaoke or effects. It produces full high definition videos while using low CPU resources so that your computer can still run efficiently. It has an intuitive deck interface cue point selection and marker auto beat matching and more.

9. Magix Digital DJ:

This DJ mixer software is the complete high-end system for any DJ today. It can access your files, whether they are on iTunes or your hard drive, and helps you create your DJ set by simply dragging and dropping your songs into the playlist.

It makes sound-based music suggestions using the mufin technology, so that it could add some tracks if your set is lacking; and showcases amazing features such as the Automix function, precise beat recognition and so many others.

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8. Mixed in Key:

Mixed in Key brings to amateur and professional DJs a collection of video mixer software to choose from, whether you are looking to do some mashups, DJ sets or harmonic mixing.

Mixed in Key is recognized by famous names in the business such as David Guetta and Kaskade. It analyzes the harmonies and melodies of your music and shows you the musical key on every track, so that you can harmoniously mix songs together. Perfect for newbies, it only takes 5 minutes to master.

7. MixMeister:

MixMeister is the DJ mixer software that was designed to perfectly meet every artist’s need.

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Available in various versions: Express, Studio, Fusion and Fusion+Video, so you can perfectly match the software to your very purpose. It permits music mixing of four to eight tracks; supports a variety of file formats; and conveniently exports to iPod, CD, wave, wma and mp3.

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6. Mixxx:

Mixxx is the most advanced DJ mixer software that you can download. It has iTune integrations, BPM detection and sync that automatically syncs the tempos of two songs, designer skins and auto DJ capacity.

Keep your music organized so that you can use them efficiently. Mixxx is available in dual deck and quad deck, depending on your preference. From recording to broadcasting, Mixxx is the partner you need.

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5. Mixvibes:

From Cross comes the best DJ mixer software, Mixvibes. A sophisticated DJ mixer software that is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and desktop.

Create incredible mixes using their available loops, effects and samples. Winning the Tech Awards two years in a row, this software is affordable, easy-to-use and works brilliantly with all the other Cross hardware.

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4. Scratch DJ Academy Mix DJ Software:

MIX from the Scratch DJ Academy is a perfect system for those who are merely gaining a stable footing in the industry.

It can analyze all your tracks and report the BPM of your music, so that you know which songs could be mixed. It has an intuitive interface that can sequence unique mixes and provides all kinds of support to help you create a winning masterpiece.

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3. UltraMixer:

When you decide to use UltraMixer DJ mixer software, you are opening yourself to new possibilities. It is a powerful and flexible system that offers real-time effects, uses wave form and beat matching, and introduces the wait list feature that allows you to work on one or two playlists per deck.

UltraMixer is Windows, Mac and Linux capable and is perfect for public, private and commercial use.

2. VirtualDJ:

Whether you are an amateur or a professional disk jockey, VirtualDJ has the perfect DJ mixer software for you. It has amazing mixing features that include video and hardware support, as well as website access, so that you can maximize its power.

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Available in Home, Broadcaster, Basic and Pro versions.

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1. Zulu DJ Software:

Zulu DJ Software’s features include real-time tempo and pitch adjustment, auto-play mode for hands free playing, automatic beat detection, beat synchronization between the decks, VST plug-in support for additional effects and more.

This professional DJ mixer software is available for Windows and Mac users. For non-commercial use, there is a free version with fairly limited features.

Are you an aspiring disk jockey? If you have the talent and would like to hone your skills with the right system, you will need to be smart about choosing the right DJ mixer software. The best DJs always know how to put on a show.

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Are you ready to do some scratch?

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